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ProSpec, LLC® represents world class manufacturers of interior and exterior finishes for the project design, specification, and construction communities.

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ProSpec LLC®

Pro Tile Distributors offers Porcelain and Ceramic Tile products from the world’s premier manufacturers. We provide complete solutions, cross warranted with installation systems, delivered on time and within budget.

Pro Stone Systems is a Distributor and Commercial Representative of Engineered Quartz, Acrylic Solid Surfacing, and Natural Stone products. We provide expert logistics and delivery of slabs and panels, along with technical support for fabricators and installers.

Pro Wood & Flooring Systems distributes Greenguard Gold Certified, domestically-made Engineered Wood Flooring, and Floorscore certified, Pthalate-free Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. Our products are cross-warranted with complete installation systems for commercial project supply.

Pro Terrazzo Systems is a Commercial Representative and Distributor of poured in place Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring, Pre-cast Terrazzo Tiles and Slabs, and stone aggregate. We provide expert technical support and logistics for the largest terrazzo projects in the Northeast.

Pro Exterior represents complete solutions for Exterior Rainscreen Facades. Our systems are fully engineered and designed for high performing, energy efficient buildings. We provide technical support throughout the design and construction process.

Years Established (since 1997)

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

New York Public Library

Restoration of a 102-year-old landmark to its original mission while preserving its historic public spaces and enhancing research services.

IS 323 at 75 Morton Street

Built in 1919 for “offices & storage,” and renovated several times since, this existing seven-story steel framed building will be completely renovated to provide…

IS/HS School @ PS 86

Designed by DRG Architects and constructed by The Morganti Group, this school is a first of its kind, developed from the SCA’s vision to have a school…

We’ve Been Working For Over 25 Years

For 25 years, ProSpec LLC through our related distribution companies have supplied some of the largest commercial projects in the Northeast and around North America.

We present, specify and supply various building materials that are tested and warranted for it specified use on commercial projects.

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